Elaboration of Employment and sector‘s projections to 2033

Since May 29, 2014 till January 31, 2015

Contact person: Ing. Věra Czesaná CSc.

Activities under this contract belong to a large project titled „ Common approach of social partners to the preparation of economic sectors for changes in pension system – the 1st stage“, which was implemented by the Czech Confederation of Employer’s and Enterpreneur’s U­nions.

Projections of economic development and employment were produced for eight sectors (Manufacture of textile and wearing apparel, Construction, Mining and Quarrying, Agriculture, Freight transport by road and removal services, Library and archives activities, Education, Printing and reproduction of recorded media). Subsequently projections of the five most important professions in each sector were carried out. 

Tasks were realized in close cooperation with representatives of labour and enterpreneur’s u­nions. They helped to define the most important factors probably influencing future development in the next 20 years. Methodology of the projections was based on the EU projections elaborated by the Cedefop and adapted to specific conditions of the appropriate sector  in the Czech Republic.