Active project

Strengthening Key Competencies of Low-Skilled People in VET to Cover Future Replacement Positions (REPLAY-VET)

REPLAY-VET is an ERASMUS+ strategic partnership which aims to provide the disadvantaged and low- skilled people with targeted opportunities to acquire the VET skills to cover the job vacancies in Europe resulting from replacement demand. 

Project “Professional voluntary work with children and families at risk in the Czech Republic”

Active project
In 2014 civic association HoSt Home-Start Czech Republic (further mentioned as „HoSt“) in the
partnership with the Centre for the Quality and Standards in Social Services, one section of the
National Training Fund has got project focused on professionalization of voluntary work with
endangered children and families. The project succeeded among huge competition and is fully
financed by THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS from Denmark. 
More information here.

The project ”Street Work for Children and Youth”

Active project
Support of Social Work with At-Risk Children and Youth at the Area of Prevention of Pathological Phenomena Focussed on Clients' Work-Skills Training (Social Entrepreneurship) and Mobile Social Work in Excluded and Remote Areas.
At the turn of the years 2012 and 2013 the Centre for the Quality and Standards in Social Services, one section of the National Training Fund in the partnership with the Czech Streetwork Association has got a large project focused on children and youth at-risk. The project was awarded and is generously financed by THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS from Denmark. We are very happy to say that our organizations have succeeded among more than 200 projects.
More information here.

Project "Playing with Stories" – a new method to involve the child in decision-making processes

Active project
CEKAS at the National Education Fund, jointly with a professional partner, HoSt – Home-Start Czech Republic, has been awarded a grant for its project from the small grant scheme of the Programme CZ04 – Children and youth at risk, which is part of EEA Funds 2009 – 2014. 
More information here.

Certification Agency of the Executive Board of the Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination

Active project

Certification of professional competence in services for drug users is understood to mean an evaluation and formal recognition of the fact that the provided services are in line with the defined quality and complexity criteria (standards). It is the process of evaluation of the services or their parts by external evaluators based on the criteria specified in approved standards as well as the process of granting/not granting a certificate of compliance. 

Accredited educational programs

Active project

National Training Fund is the accredited educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Services for social care providers

Active project

NVF – CEKAS offers support in the introduction of quality standards in social care services and their further development.


Active project

The ReferNet network was set up by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training – Cedefop.

Its objective is to support the development of VET and evidence based policy making. It provides advice, research, analysis, information, and stimulates European cooperation and common learning. Its networks including ReferNet allow the centre to keep abreast of recent developments and to cooperate and share information.


Active project

The purpose of the SkillsNet network is to bring together qualified researchers and other experts in the areas of employment, labour market and education. Their task is to address issues focusing on the rapidly changing requirements for the knowledge and skills of the workforce and on the methods of their identification so that education systems can respond to them in a timely manner through the training of both pupils and adults. The network was set up by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) in 2003.

Development Program For Czech Regions

Completed project

A long-term project with 3 principle aims: keeping the inspirational databank updated, organizing the contest Good Advise A Treasure, and leading the Development Program for the Regional Councils for human resources.

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