Labour force monitoring and forecasting – Lithuania

Since October 30, 2013 till September 23, 2014

Contact person: Ing. Věra Czesaná CSc.

The main objective of the project is implementation of the quantitative skill needs forecasting model in Lithuania and production of first projection results. The development of a new modelling tool for Lithuania is based on the model used in the Czech Republic. 
Number of adjustments are developed for model  implementation in Lithuania: 
i) development of clusters to be used in the model as well as in the monitoring, 
ii) preparation of data for the model including development of a projection of graduates, 
iii) adjustments on the model demand side, 
iv) bridging over occupational classification changes. 
Realisation: 2013–2014
Client: PPMI Group (Public Policy and Management Institute Group, UAB), Lithuania