Preparation and Realisation of an International PIAAC Survey

Since September 22, 2009 till December 31, 2013

Contact person: Ing. Věra Czesaná CSc.

PIAAC (three-year research project) is aimed at assessing the level of basic skills needed for success in everyday life and the labour market in adults aged 16–65 years. Maps also use these skills in everyday personal and professional life. The project is coordinated by the OECD. In the Czech Republic, research carried out in 2010–2013.

The main objective of the project is to carry out research in the Republic of adult literacy in OECD PIAAC accordance with international standards and according to internationally established schedule. The actual implementation of field research carried out project partner – the company SC & C.

The task of the NTF is to assist in the adaptation of instruments to analyze and interpret data from investigations PIAAC for evaluating the effectiveness of the educational system in the CR and for the formulation of national education policy and training tools for improving the system of lifelong learning. Implementation of research in the Czech Republic is funded by the European Structural Fund and from the state budget of the Czech Republic.

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