Knowledge Society – Requirements on Human Resources Skills and ContinuingTraining

Contact person: Ing. Věra Czesaná CSc.

This project was implemented as part of the programme „Modern Society and Its Changes“ run by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Main implementer was the National Observatory that worked on the project with two partners – the Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs and the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the CR.  The project was divided into three components:

  • The first component explored the links between training and innovative activities at national, sectoral and corporate levels.
  • The second component aimed to assess whether and by means of what mechanisms the continuing training system contributes to the preparation of human resources for skills-intensive jobs and for jobs where modern technologies are used to boost the competitiveness of the Czech economy.
  • The third component concentrated on assessing medium-term skills in relation to future development trends in the economy with the aim to contribute to establishing an optimal balance as regards the supply of and demand for skills.