The Guide on forecasting and foresighting of skill needs: Foresighting part

In 2013 the National Training Fund (NTF) colaborated with the International Labour Office ( on the Guide on forecasting and foresighting of skill needs. The Guide should serve as a methodology manual to investigate education and training needs  of the future labour market and to show the way how to use the gained information to formulate educational policy and how to prepare programes of vocational training.  

First of all the Guide is meant to be used by developing  countries and transition economies. It is focused on practical recommendation of techniques working in more experienced countries that have applied the anticipation of skill needs for long time, and brings their country cases too.  Next, the Guide might serve for another experts interested in the topic as well. They will find there a large overview of methods used, examples of practical approaches applied in different countries, bibliography and references to authors-experts of the whole world dealing with similar problems.

The NTF elaborated a part of the Guide devoted to qualitative approaches to anticipation known under the technical term „foresighting“ which are used in cases or conditions when there  is not enough of  „hard“ data or when there is a need to complete or enlarge the results of anticipation processed with the help of exact mathematic modelling to which the next part of the Guide is dedicated and which are called quantitative approaches or forecasting.

The first guide (Vol.4) is now available from ETF’s website:…oviders 

Author:Team of authors
Year of issue:2015