Since October 1, 2004 till March 31, 2007

Contact person: Ing. Věra Czesaná CSc.

Project was aimed at the improvement of the vocational training system in small and micro enterprises. The project elaborated and adapted tools for the assessment of vocational training needs in small and specifically micro enterprises and models for the creation of training programs which are meeting the needs of employees and enterprises and support innovation processes. The TrainSME project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

TrainSME was focused on the specific situation in small (< 50 employees) and particularly micro enterprises (< 10 employees)
Primary target group: Managers / owners of small and micro enterprises
Secondary target group: trainers and training institutions
Indirect target group: all profiteers of the established training programmes; all people who are attending the trainings (employees as well as employers)

The results of the project were assessment tools (Web, CD) and a compendium on the assessment of vocational training needs and the implementation of new tools in small and micro enterprises.…cz/index.htm.

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