YOUTH – Young in Occupations and Unemployment: Thinking of their better integration in the labour market

Contact person: Ing. Věra Czesaná CSc.

 The contracting authority was the European Commission, the project coordinator was the ISFOL Institute, Italy.

In addition to the NTF the partners included the Italian CESOS and the Hungarian Szent István University Gödöllö.

The project aimed to develop a comprehensive overview of the current European approaches to integrating young people into the labour market, and to choose those practices that have the potential of improving the current and future situation in this area.

An analysis was carried out in 27 EU member countries while taking account of the existing economic and demographic trends and the labour market situation. Detailed qualitative studies was prepared for 7 countries (the CR, Hungary, Germany, the UK, Italy, Denmark and Romania). The main theoretical framework was the concept of „flexicurity“ that addressed the conflict between labour market flexibility and social security.