Mgr. Zdeňka Šímová

Zdeňka Šímová obtained her Master`s degree in sociology and psychology at the Charles University in Prague. Since 2005, she works in the National Observatory of Employment and Training at the National Training Fund. She participates in and coordinates projects aimed to education and training and labour market analyses, qualification and skill needs analyses, monitoring of trends in the labour market and education systems, on both national and international level. She is experienced in designing, conducting and evaluating qalitative and quantitative surveys among various target groups (employers, policy makers, universities, VET institutions, experts, graduates) incl. in-depth interviews and focus groups. She analyses labour markets developments in relation to Insustry 4.0 processes. She is an author and co-author of analytical reports and peer-reviewed scholarly papers and book chapters.
Phone:+420 224 500 543